Are your impact stories doing more harm than good?

If you've ever felt like you're taking advantage of the people you serve by using their stories to raise money, the EquaStory™ framework is for you.

This framework is for leading nonprofit professionals who use their clients' stories to show their impact.

No one shares client stories with bad intentions, however...

Both you and your client face risks including public backlash, infringement of privacy, unintentional disclosure of sensitive information, re-traumatization, harmful stereotyping, and more.

EquaStory™ is a clear, step-by-step framework crafted by a nonprofit communications pro with years of storytelling experience.

This guide to the EquaStory™ framework will help you craft narratives that raise money while reducing risks for your organization and your clients.

Use EquaStory™ to put the power of storytelling back into your clients' hands and raise money with confidence & integrity.